Recent MAT Graduate Featured on NBC NEWS

By David Pepsoski
Jason Milde, MAT ’13, consistently engages his 7th grade social studies students at Whisconier Middle School in Brookfield, CT.  Milde, a recent graduate from the Quinnipiac University MAT program, works closely with the literacy teacher from his academic team to create real world learning experiences for their students. His activities are so innovative that NBC recently covered his latest offering. 
“Mystery Skype” is an activity in which two classrooms communicate with one another over the Internet and try to guess each other’s location based upon a 20 Questions format.  Students are permitted to ask a “Yes” or “No” question to the other class, and the questions continue until the locations are correctly identified.  It’s a friendly competition between schools that might be thousands of miles away.  A variety of 21st Century Skills are enhanced through participating in this activity.  Whisconier Middle School is extremely fortunate to have this exceptional teacher on its staff.  

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